Planet Love, English Version (Venta a Distribuidores)


Planet Love, English Version (Venta a Distribuidores)

If you open this book, you will be able to see the world from the eyes of Martina, a ten-year-old girl, who through an honest and close relationship with her father shows us how to get back on track.

Apart from taking us on a journey through her past lives and her Planet Love, she also invites us on a trip away from the conceptual mind, where we mask our real personalities—like our own personal cinema—to our Heart; which is true reality. But not as a final goal, it invites us to live in it, to live from there, enjoying this beautiful and amazing trip called life.

On a magical summer night, when Martina’s father becomes more conscientious of the things around him, she feels that he is ready to hear about her trips to Planet Love, the place where she comes from.

The story predicts somehow predicts the much announced end of time: the end of ego, fear and the mental prisons we find ourselves in. It invites us to put the mind at the service of the heart, using it as the instrument that it was intended to be and freeing it from the responsibility it was never meant to have.

The only real freedom is to be. That’s why Planet Love is the place to be; our original fate. Let’s bring heaven down to Earth. It’s time for the deer and the lion to dwell together in peace.



A story as revealing and hopeful as a child’s heart!


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